Garden Structures

While the plants, shrubs and trees often garner much of the attention in a garden, the structures behind the flora are equally as important.  Urban Cedarworks will create a cedar garden structure that is as beautiful as it is functional.  Bring your garden to life with unique, hand-crafted cedar garden structures using hand-split cedar and locally milled cedar.  Our talented team will custom design and build cedar arbors,  pergolas, gazebos and other cedar garden structures.  Let us create an artifact for your home & garden.     


Type of Wood Treatment or Stain

When it comes to treating or staining any of our exterior wood structures there are a few choices:

  • Let the cedar age naturally.  Over time it will develop a lovely weathered grey look.  Depending on the exposure to the elements this process might take anywhere from 2-5 years.  Cedar contains natural tannins that protects the wood from rotting.
  • Treat the cedar with a natural based solution that prematurely changes the colour of the wood to a beautiful weathered aged look.  We have used on many projects.  It can be brushed or sprayed and has no VOC’s. Needs only one application.
  • Apply a natural oil finish that is water borne.  We have used a product that is made in Vancouver called Broda Pro-Tek-Tor. The company claims it has low VOC’s and durable UV protection.  It needs two coats  of the stain and one final coat of the UV protector.